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STEAM Fest 2020

Date: Friday, March 20 2020

Time: 2pm to 8:30pm

Location: University of Ottawa Desmarais Hall (Lobby, 4th floor, and room 8143)

Discover the future of creativity at STEAM Fest 2020, an annual event celebrating the intersection of STEM and Arts.

From engaging talks and hands-on workshops to an interactive showcase, STEAM Fest demos the forefront of innovation and collaboration between what are normally considered distinct and different fields.

And did we mention there was FREE refreshments? 👀

Network with fellow students and professionals, develop sought-after skills outside of the classroom, and explore the intersections of visual arts, engineering, music, science, theatre, technology, performance, and more!

STEAM Fest 2020 schedule


(click on pictures for bios)

Dr Adam Brown

Adam Oliver Brown

"The Art of Science

and the

Science of Art"

(Science + Performance Arts)

Dr. Brown will discuss his background in the arts and sciences and illustrate how the two fields are not so different from one another when they are done well: good scientists are artful and good artists are scientific in their approaches.

Zainab Muse

Zainab Muse

"Bridging the gap between art, entrepreneurship and technology"

(Arts + Techn + Entrepreneurship)

With the era of rapidly-changing technologies, comes increasing silos. In effect, more frontiers have emerged and pre-established systems have both been disrupted and have become antiquated. So, what can creative collaboration between multiple industries and diverse disciplines teach us in this time? Could we lessen the gaps that currently exist between art, entrepreneurship and technology in order to uncover immense possibilities and opportunities for new waves of innovation that could fuel social impact, and solve some of the world's toughest problems today?

In this presentation, we'll explore some of my speculations and I'll share my professional background in creating connected communities, creative collaboration and bridging gaps across diverse spaces in Ottawa.

The Latest Artists

Andrew and Deborah O'Malley

"5 Tangible Tips for Technology-Based Art"

(Visual Arts + Tech)

In this informative presentation, tech duo The Latest Artists (Deborah + Andrew O'Malley) will share with you their five top tips for creating -- and succeeding in developing -- technology-based art. From budgeting basics to tech testing tools, you'll walk away versed with specific, tangible techniques you can implement to create award-winning tech-based art.


(click on pictures for bios)

Lee Jones

E-textiles and having electronics in your clothes might sound like science-fiction but are actually a fun and easy way to learn all about electricity and building sensors. E-textiles combine learning craft techniques with the added excitement of making a circuit work. In this introductory workshop individuals will learn all about soft circuits and get the chance to make their own. This workshop will cover the basics of sewing with conductive thread, how to build your circuit, and sewing tools and techniques you can use to put everything together. No prior knowledge of electronics or sewing is required for these workshops.

Lee Jones

"Interactive Embroidery"

(Visual Arts + Technology)

May Abu Shaban

May Abu-Shaban

"Video Mapping for Live Events"

(Theatre + Technology)

Have you ever attended a play, dance show, or concert that included live projections and wondered just how they work behind the scenes? It may seem like you'd need extensive training to learn the basics, but it's easier than it looks!


The first portion of this workshop will take place in the computer lab and introduce participants to a program called QLab. After some practice, the concept of 'mapping projection surfaces' will be introduced.


Participants will then be split up into teams and will attempt to create a simple narrative using videos, sound effects, and objects found with their space. At the end of the workshop, each group will present its work.

Hassan Ahmed

Hassan Ahmed

"Instagram AR Filters"

(Programming + Design)

In this workshop, we'll be learning how to make those Instagram filters that everyone is always posting on their stories for free. We'll be able to cover "What ________ are you?" kind of filters, "Face effect filters" and maybe a few others sprinkled in there. Everyone will walk out with the ability to upload those filters to their Instagram, which can then be used by everyone they know.

Make sure to bring your laptop and to download Spark AR Studio.

uOttawa DIY Club Logo

Lok Yee Victoria Yuen 

"Vinyl Sticker Workshop"

(Technology + Design)

Want to decorate your laptop, phone, bedroom wall, car, or any other surface with stickers that leave little to no residue? If so, the uOttawa DIY Club has the perfect workshop for you! 


Make a sheet worth of customized vinyl stickers. You will be provided with an A4 matte vinyl self-adhesive sticker paper, access to inkjet printers, and an introduction to graphic design using the free open-source software GIMP.


Please make sure to download the software ahead of time and bring a laptop.

Tina Petrovicz

Tina Petrovicz

"LED programming from an artist's perspective"

(Visual Arts + Technology)

A short workshop teaching programming of addressable LED's with Arduino from an artist's point of view. Participants will be led through a short tutorial on programming LEDs. After creating their own code, they will be able to upload it, and watch it run in a LED lightbox. The use of libraries, online resources, and integration of traditional artforms will also be discussed. Participants are asked to bring a computer, and if possible upload the Arduino software (IDE) beforehand.

Interactive Showcase

​Light Painting Photobooth by Couvrette Studio

VR Demo by the ​Learning Crossroads (CRX) Library

Stone carving by Patrick Imai

Artisinal coffee tasting by Nicholas Schmidt

Live music


... and more to come!



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